Sunday, 12 June 2011

TWG The Wrestling Game

Do you WONDER?
Do you ASK?
Do you want the truth to

I have the answers.


This vast wrestling game started out with one server. Server one. This server thrived itself with many people, as it advertised. Soon it became on of the top ten in the game sites. With TWG as only one server, it became too crowded. Maxolino, the owner of the game, knew what to do. He needed to add another server! This server was for other people to have another account and try another gaming lifestyle. Something felt wrong in this game. It needed something. TWG owner, admin, and moderators helped to make a new server, Server 3. This server is now the most used, it was equiped with more special tabs. Who knew a game who just started out with one server, ended up with 2 more.

TWG has 500 wrestling moves available. You can choose to become a speed, strength, technique, resistance or balanced. Speeds are masters of pinning the opponent and having dodge. Strengths are the strongest players. They're masters of hitting high and just brutally hurting the opponent. Techniques are my favorite, they  master the art of making the opponent tap out with submission moves! They also have block. Resistances are the masters of damage resistance and health points to stay alive in a match. Balanced are balanced, poised people who have a variety of bonuses, but with a price of having to level up all their stats first. Which will you choose?

This game is really fun, if you want to try it out, join this : You may meet  new friends here and have alot of fun. I recommend you join now and support this game by becoming a supporter. This game still is free, but being a supporter helps you with more options. See in-game for more fun and screenshots

You just have to remember, there is one thing that the people who join try to achieve..
Total Greatness

John _______

See you there -- Xtreme Pride.